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NumberDB is a collaborative database of numbers. The underlying idea is that in practise, numbers are determined by their first 10 digits. That makes them searchable. NumberDB attempts to be a tool to identify numbers, and to show known descriptions. Which numbers are stored depends on their simplicity and their relevance.
NumberDB stores numbers in tables. Tables are families of numbers together with a description. Thus a number can appear in several tables: For example, the number 1 is in the table of Integers, Values of the Gamma function, and it has its own table One as it is a special number.
Tables of numbers also contain a definition, a description of parameters, and possibly formulas, comments, references, links, programs, and further more specific information.
Furthermore tables are given tags, which helps searchability and classification.

Work in progress

The database just started and is in active development. There are various development goals:


NumberDB is build and runs on various open-source projects: Django, PostgreSQL, SageMath, Pari/GP, arb, nginx, Gunicorn, Pyro5, git. NumberDB's repositories are stored on GitHub. NumberDB's server is funded by the main developer Benjamin Matschke, who in turn is supported by Boston University and Simons Foundation grant #550023.