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Local extrema of Bessel functions of the first kind $J_\alpha$
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$n$th local extremum of $J_\alpha$
INPUT{numbers.yaml} (not shown in preview)
The list contains the first zeros of the derivative of Bessel functions of the first kind $J_\alpha$.
—   complex number
—   integer ($n \geq 1$)
This table currently restricts to the important special case $\alpha \in \frac{1}{2}\mathbb{Z}_{\geq 0}$.
Note that we list $x=0$ for $\alpha=0$ as $J_0'(0)=0$ and for consistency with (3).
Local maxima arise for odd $n$, local minima for even $n$.
Data properties
Entries are of type: real number
Table is complete: no
Reliability: computed with mpmath [1]